Why is BBBS right for me and my child?

We take this thing we do pretty seriously. And we know you do, too. That’s why we carefully match every Little with a safe, responsible, and caring Big. Our one- to-one mentorship matches help Littles see better grades, better social skills, and more confidence. They help Littles avoid risky behavior. And they help give Littles hope for a bright future.

We’re safe.

We take earning your trust seriously, too. We’re exhaustive in screening every one of our volunteers. Our staff are highly educated social services professionals. We support our Bigs with all sorts of resources and regularly check in with our matches. We’ve designed everything we do to create healthy opportunities for your child’s learning and growth.



We’ve got options.

Every child is unique, and we’ve designed our programs to effectively serve your child’s individual needs. We currently have three ways to get your Little involved with a mentor.

Community-based Mentoring

Your child will be matched with a Big who shares similar interests. Throughout this year-long commitment, they’ll spend about an hour a week hanging out. Biking, dancing, baking, learning math—whatever it is they decide to do together. Your child will develop a strong and beneficial relationship with a responsible adult role model. And you’ll begin to see improvements in your child’s confidence, relationships with family and friends, and academics.

Site-based Mentoring

In partnership with area sites and other organizations, we provide mentors for Littles right at a site, during the school year. Matches meet for an hour, once a week during the year, usually over lunch or after school. Site-based mentoring is especially effective in developing academic skills, confidence, interest and an appreciation of learning.

We’re here for you, too.

It’s important to us that you’re involved and totally comfortable with your Little’s match. You know your child best, so you’ll have to help us understand their strengths and needs. You’ll approve the Big we match with your Little. And you’ll be involved throughout the match, approving outings & activities and reporting progress. You’ll help us help your child, so we can provide appropriate match support.

We’re currently accepting new applications for Littles ages 6 through 13, who live in the following counties:

  • Calumet
  • Outagamie
  • Waupaca
  • Winnebago

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